Color Change Tutorial with Marsha Pizarro

There is always a lot of work behind the scenes for newborn photography. After your session, there is a lot that goes into making your images perfect! 

I get a lot of moms asking me if it is still ok to bring their beautiful baby in because of very dry skin or 'baby acne'. Of course!! Regardless if your baby has flawless skin, flaky skin, etc, I want their skin to look natural!  Nobody has skin like a porcelain doll (at least nobody that I have met), and I want your baby to look as pure and natural as possible - so I purposely don't smooth skin. I recently started using Buffalo Baby's Skin actions and they really help keep your babies skin looking fresh and gorgeous! 

Once in a while I like to do color changes to photos - in a way I get to use colors that aren't normally requested! In this case, pink is actually by far my most requested color - this one is just for fun. I have been asked by many photographers how I do color changes in my photos - so here is my tutorial! I am using Photoshop CS6 for this edit (and all of my other edits). There are so many ways to do this, but I found this way works best for me and my style. 

This is the original photo and my final edit.

To start with, I always edit baby's skin first. For this gorgeous little girl, I run baby lotion to clear up flakes and then paint on red fix for the red spots. Then I use the even me out action to just minimize any splotches left over. For final touches, I sharpen eyelashes and paint on some highlights and shadows

To do a color change on the blanket, I duplicated my layer (ctr+j), then opened up filter-camera raw filter. I change my color by using the temperature and tint sliders (and I also lowered the saturation a touch). 

Once I am happy with the color, I create a layer mask and paint off of baby's skin and anything else you want in the original color. If you press the "\" key it will make any part of the image you paint red so it's easy to see (to go back you simply press "\" again). 

That's it! You can even go back into camera raw filter and adjust the color!

Here is the final image after I run my final action!

xo Marsha