Baby Marley

Sweet baby boy Marley came for his newborn studio session back in December when he was just 14 days new. He was absolutely adorable! His skin tone was amazing and he had the most beautiful dark locks. Marley had the cutest little smile right away - and it was when he was awake (a unicorn moment in the newborn photographer world)! He was not a big fan of sleep, but he did love to be wrapped up nice and snug. 

For Marley's session we used some beautiful grey's and creams. I love when families want classic neutral colors that will always be timeless. The setup that we did with Marley on the light grey backdrop was one of my favorites. I love how the tushie-up pose showed his adorable little rolls!

Marley is the second baby in the family. Marley and his brother Ensio were so sweet and I am sure will be the best of friends! Ensio was so cute and had such amazing hair, but definitely made us work to get those adorable sibling poses.  For Ensio and Marley's sibling pose we even had to have mom and dad laying beside him to get him to stay. These poses are always worth the extra bit of work as I know they mean so much to parents. 

Here are a few of my favorite images from Marley's newborn session!

calgary-newborn-photographer-baby-marley (1).jpg